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With over a 3 decade years of expertise, Bore well Equipment company Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading manufactures of water-well drilling Rigs, Mining Rigs, RotaryCum-DTH Drilling Rigs, Crawler Mounted Blast Hole drills, Wagon drills, DTH Hammers, Drill Rods, Button bits etc.

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At BECPL We Manufacture Water Well Drilling Equipment and Accessories

If you need to drill a water well, you’ve come to the right place. We manufacture equipment for water well drilling companies, so we can help you get the tools you need to complete your projects. We work with lots of big companies, and we take pride in being able to deliver all over the world as scheduled.

We produce a wide range of drilling tools, suitable for different types of projects. If you need to dig a water well in a tight place, you may have to buy a portable drilling and mud management system. We can manufacture your equipment to suit your specific needs, enabling you to handle your building and landscaping works with ease.

If you don’t use the right equipment, your projects may encounter various challenges, difficult to overcome without spending time and money. This is why our experts in drilling work closely with our clients, in order to determine their needs and the best solutions to manage all the stages of their drilling projects. Our products are extremely effective in cleaning the mud, as well as in collecting and recycling the debris, thus being the perfect tools for all builders who care about environmental protection and safety. All these features are seamlessly integrated into our devices, so they don’t require any additional tools or installation knowledge.

When you purchase a water well drilling machine from us, you benefit from on-site installation and staff training. Our team of experienced workers will install the equipment. Moreover, we are going to train and assist your employees in using these devices. If needed, we can provide you maintenance and repairs, even after the standard warranty period.

If you aren’t sure about the type of equipment you need, we can provide you guidance, so that you can make the best purchase. You are welcome to contact us any time, either by phone or by the special form on our website. We are going to come back to you within the shortest possible time. We understand the challenges and particularities of water well drilling jobs, as all members of out team have worked in this industry prior to joining us. This is how we manage to cater to all needs of our potential and actual clients. They all love working with us, mainly because we have answers to all their questions and inquiries. We know drilling and we enjoy sharing our experience with others. We believe in doing good, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts, in order to find out what we can do for your business.

Our well drillers are efficient and solid, thus being able to save you a lot of time and money. They are also very easy to operate. The faster you can finish your works, the more money you’d be able to save, as you won’t have to pay your workers overtime hours. We can safely say that out water well drilling equipment can do wonders for your bottom line.

Here is one example of a US company that uses our equipment in conjunction with their industrial mixers and blenders for the automated production of cookies. For more testimonials and referrals please contact us.

Through our completed projects, the company’s attention to detail is evident; we have built a reputation that we can be proud of. Please contact us if you are looking for quality construction and craftsmanship. Let’s create a space you don’t want to leave.

The 10 OSHA standards most often included in the agency’s citations in FY 2004 for construction are in this link.